General, Pastoral, Directors & Abuse & Molestation

General, Pastoral, Directors & Abuse & Molestation

  • General, Pastoral, Directors & Abuse & Molestation

“Protecting Houses of Worship, Protecting Communities!

We understand the unique needs and importance of churches in our communities. That’s why we offer comprehensive insurance solutions tailored specifically for houses of worship.

  • Protect Your Flock:

Ensure the safety and well-being of your congregation and visitors with liability coverage for events, activities, and accidents that may occur on church premises.

  • Protect Your Mission:

 With our insurance, you can focus on fulfilling your church’s mission and serving your community without worrying about financial risks and liabilities.

  • Trusted Partner:

As your trusted insurance partner, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our experienced team will work with you to tailor a policy that meets your church’s unique needs and budget.

  • When eligible:

we can offer optional coverages (Pastoral Professional Liability – Abuse & Molestation) and Protection to Your Sanctuary: Safeguard your church building, property, and assets against unforeseen risks such as fire, theft and vandalism.

Pao Business Insurance Agency

We pride ourselves in providing competitive pricing in today’s commercial insurance space. When you request a quote from us, you will benefit from our access to more than 100 markets.

Our agency is equipped with the technology to help you in person or over the phone with all the encrypted mechanisms for you to text us, esign, etc.

Owner Only WC "workers’ comp ghost policy"

We can help you if you do not have employees and are a one-person business that needs Workers Compensation to meet the insurance requirements of contractors you work for or CSLB

Workers’ Compensation

Without workers’ compensation insurance, your business could be held financially responsible for workplace injuries or illnesses.

General Liability

Whether you need a standalone GL or bundle traditional property and liability into one policy with optional “Add-ons”, we can help you make the buying process easier.

Commercial Auto/Transportation Program

We now have access to an Exclusive Transportation Program for Trucking! We can help you with General Liability, Auto Physical Damage and Motor Truck Cargo

Very professional service, extremely responsive and great value for money. They not only managed to get my general liability but also helped me with every single step in the process. Highly recommend them. Thank you Pao Business Insurance Agency for being so amazing.


I believe it’s now almost 3 years plus that I have there services. The staff is really awesome. When there is something that needs to be fix right way they work and take care of the issue that’s happen Juan has been very helpful. I recommend this branch office to any small business that is starting.


An incredible and understanding person. Darrell was able to help me out in every way possible. I’m very very grateful for people like Darrell.